PRE-Sale and AFTER-Sale Service 

I devote myself to the needs of my clients before, during and after each sale. Instead of disappearing after the closing, you can expect me to stay in touch with you to serve as a resource in the following areas:

  • Post Transaction Needs - If you ever require assistance locating any information for insurance, refinancing or any other purpose, don't hesitate to call. 
  • Electronic Communication Updates - Every now and then major changes happen to mortgage rules and interest rates, or there are new developments with civic, provincial or federal governments that may affect your real estate assets. I will do my best to inform you of what matters that can affect you!
  • Source For Business Referrals - Need to find an electrician to wire in some new pot lights? Or a plumber to install a new furnace? Perhaps you're looking for lender, lawyer, inspector, accountant or other business professionals. I may know just the person you're looking for, so ask away, and I will provide you with my complimentary service directory. 
  • Appreciation Events - Essentially, these are opportunities for me to provide value and also to say thank you to my clients. Past events have included movie theatre showings, picnics in the park, play casino events, and family portrait studios. Always free to attend, so watch for invites!
  • News You Can Use - I'm always happy to provide you with up-to-date info and statistics on local market conditions. These can differ substantially from what you hear in media reports, which are often skewed to heighten drama. 
  • Maximize Potential - Feel free to ask for specific advice on home maintenance or suggestions on upgrades that will enhance your property's resale value. 

Justus Smith
Justus Smith
2350 2nd Avenue Regina SK S4R 1A6